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City List Building Tool
Step 1
To specify a city for your desired real estate agent list, first select the appropriate state for the city, utilizing the drop down box below(City List Building Tool).You may select one or more cities per state by clicking the add city button or by double clicking the city.
Step 2
Once you have selected all of the cities of interest for a particular state, you may continue to add additional states and cities to your Custom List.
Step 3
As you build your Custom List, the items you have chosen will dispaly to the right side of the City List Building Tool,in the Selected Items Display
Add or Remove an Item -At any time, you may add or remove items from your Selected Items Display by Utilizing the state drop down box from the City List Building Tool(per step one,or above).To add items,choose the appropriate state and click the add city button for each state. To remove items, choose the appropriate state, highlight any unwanted city and click the remove city button until the Selected Items Display reflects your desired list.
You will have the option to submit your custom list for view, prior to completing the check out process.
City List Building Tool
1.Choose the desired state for your real estate agent list.
2.Select the desired cities for the state you have choosen by clicking the ADD CITY button

Hint:Hold down CTRL key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) for multiple selections
Available Cities Your Selected Cities

Add cities by clicking the ADD CITY button.

Remove cities by clicking the REMOVE CITY button.

Selected Items Display Box:

Upon completing your selections, click the "Price this List Now" button, to see complete pricing and details for this list.
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